Lyme Park
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The Grounds
Lyme Park has acres of grounds to explore and walk around. Take a leisurely walk around the grounds then end up at the coffee shop for a slice of cake and a cup of tea. Around autumn time, if your lucky, you can spot the stags (male deers) compete for the hinds (female deers) by locking antlers and calling loudly which really is a wonderful sight.

The Lyme house is open from Friday to Tuesday.

The House
The house of Lyme is like a magnificent mansion with beautiful interiors. They have a fine clock collection and a vast collection of printed books which you can see if you visit the house.

The Gardens
In the garden they have over 20,000 plants spread over two areas of bedding which is what makes the terraces so eye-catching.

There are a range of Edwardian garden games which are available to try on the lawns at Lyme, these include croquet, giant skittles and boules.

In addition to this they have some amazing wildlife sights like owls, hares and baby deers.

SK12 2NR
40 minutes car drive from Anroach Farm